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Library Schedule

a month ago

By Tracy Viele


Kindergarten - Mr. Douglass

2nd Grade - Ms. Dreiling


3rd Grade - Mrs. Schalk

2nd Grade - Mrs. Gamble


Kindergarten - Mrs. Rossi

1st Grade - Ms. Zwirko


5th Grade - Mrs. Escarrega

4th Grade - Ms. Martin

1st Grade - Mrs. Gregory

Whats Happening at the Elementary Library

a month ago

By Tracy Viele

Welcome to our Library.....

To encourage and enhance the love of literacy, during our time in the library we will focus on how to navigate using  basic technology, becoming familiar with the card catalog system, as well as each different section of the library.  Another important piece of being a good library citizen is learning  proper library behavior and how to take care of our books.  Each class will also work in the media center using their school assigned Chromebook and Google account,  to learn and practice various skills in technology.