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Healthy School Meals for All

Starting this year, FREE daily meals 
for all district students.

VERY IMPORTANT - We Strongly Encourage ALL families to continue 
to fill out a SCHOOL FUNDING FORM as it continues to be
an important benefit to your family and to the district.

Ø  What is Healthy School Meals for All? Colorado school districts that participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) are eligible for Healthy School Meals for All (HSMA) meal program. HSMA, which was approved  by Colorado voters in 2022, provides nutritionally balanced, no-cost meals to all district children each school day. 

Elementary Students -- No Charge morning snack & lunch.

MS / HS -- No Charge breakfast & lunch.

Students are welcome to bring lunch from home but there is an ala-carte fee of $.50 for milk.

More information on this new program my be found in the resource section of this page.

Ø  What are the nutrition requirements for NSLP lunches? All NSLP lunches must meet Federal requirements, though decisions about the specific foods to serve and the methods of preparation are made by local school food authorities. Information about the NSLP nutrition standards, along with technical assistance and guidance materials, may be found on the School Meals website: https://www.fns.usda.gov/school-meals/nutritionstandards-school-meals.

Ø VERY IMPORTANT: Every family at SOROCO is still encouraged to fill out the SCHOOL FUNDING FORM. Qualifying for the program not only affects the price of lunches but may be used to wave or reduce sports fees or other participation fees. Also, our free and reduced participation directly affects our school funding.

Students receive FREE breakfast and lunch daily.  Second entrée purchases may be made for $1.00.  An unlimited Fresh Fruit & Veggie Bar is included with each meal and students are encouraged to take advantage of this.  Each meal includes a milk.  Additional milks and ala carte milk may be purchased for 50¢. Parents and guardians, please keep your student’s accounts current. Charges will remain on student accounts until they have been paid.  SOROCO has a NO charge policy.  On our website is the ALMA program where you can sign in and check your child’s lunch balance.

To reduce waste and keep or costs down, students are asked to sign up for lunch with their 1st hour classroom teacher or if arriving late check in with building secretaries.

Questions or Suggestions

Please contact the SOROCO Food Service Director

Lloyd Whitecotton 970-870-3755

Food Service Staff