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Middle Supplies

By Alicia Samuelson


SoRoCo Middle School Supply List

Lead Pencils with Erasers 

Colored Pencils 8 pack or greater

Highlighters: Green, Pink, Yellow,

 BlueHeadphones (NOT Bluetooth)

Students may need additional supplies as needed

Elective class fee will be $25.00 for the year

BAND ~No rental fee for instruments, music folder provided.

PE CLASS: PE shoes, T-Shirt & shorts or sweats 

2 Padlocks:  one for PE Locker and one for Book Locker.Recommended!

SoRoCo High School 2023-2024 High School 

Supplies list per class will be given at the beginning of the year. 

Students should start with the basic Notebook andPens/Pencils.

PE CLASS: PE shoes, T-Shirt & shorts or sweats

 2 Padlocks:  one for PE Lockerand one for Book Locker.Recommended!




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