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Transportation Letter and Bus Schedules

2 months ago

Welcome to the Soroco Rams Transportation Department

July 1, 2018

Dear Parents of Bus Students:

The South Routt School District is looking forward to providing another year of safe and efficient school bus transportation to its children in 2018-2019.  The first day of school is Tuesday, August 21, 2018. (Please note that this is the only week that school will be in session on Friday.) Please arrange to have your child properly supervised before boarding and after disembarking from the school bus. A schedule of routes is included for your information.

Following is a list of Bus Routes & Drivers:

Cindy Milway –   Bus #12 Bear River Route

Pat Teters  –      Bus #8 McCoy/Burns Route

Jody Gregory  -  Bus #5    Hunt Creek Route

Kami Long -      Bus #4  Trout Creek & Highway 131 Route

Matt Mayer -    Bus #1 Stagecoach Route

Please click on this link for bus schedules and APPROXIMATE TIMES and bus stops.

As in the past, South Routt School District will continue to have an emergency phone number to be utilized when unforeseen circumstances arise regarding bus transportation.  I will be the contact person for bus emergencies.  I will be available at the Bus Shop in Yampa at 638-4216 until 4:00 pm.  I will also be available via cell phone, until at least 6:30 pm each evening and starting at 7:00 am each morning at 736-8220. In case of bus delays or emergencies I will do my best to contact parents.  I will be in contact with our school bus drivers and can be contacted at the 736-8220 number in case of the following emergencies:

  • A student did not get off the bus as scheduled

  • The bus has not yet arrived and is more than thirty minutes late

  • A road is known to be closed or there is another imminent danger

Please remember that being transported via school bus is a privilege for students, not something the district is required to provide.  We have the expectation that students will behave in a safe and respectful manner at all times.  Please support your child to meet this behavior expectation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further information or have a suggestion to improve school bus transportation.



Pie Lombardi

Director of Transportation