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Middle Supplies

By Onika Mayer

2018-2019  SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST 6th, 7th & 8th Grade


General Supplies: Lined Paper, Lead Pencils, Colored Pencils, Ruler, Highlighter, Pens (blue, black and red), Eraser, Scissors, 3X5 Ruled index cards, 3-Ring binder per class. Glue sticks.  All students must have their own set of headphones.  A flash drive and all students need a lock for their PE locker and a lock for their book locker.


7th and 8th Grade Science Supplies List –

●      Calculator (student’s name written on it)                                             

●      Colored pencils / markers                                                                      Pencils

●      Metric Ruler (millimeters and centimeters)                                           

●      Composition Book


Math: Lead Pencils, 12/pk Colored Pencils, Lined paper, and Calculator with Square Root Key, Composition Book


Social Studies/ History: 

●      Pocket Folder                                               Glue Sticks                        Index Cards

●      Markers                                                        Flash Drive

●      Composition Book                                        Pencils

●      Scissors                                                         Positive Attitude

English Composition:

7th grade English : 2 Composition Books (returning students may continue to use their journal from 6th grade) 1.5-inch 3-ring binder and 5 binder dividers.

8th grade English : 2 Composition Book (returning students may continue to use their journal from 7th grade, and many stored theirs in the classroom for the summer)  1.5-inch 3-ring binder and 5 binder dividers


School supplies for Middle School Students

●      4 - 1” binders, one each for Reading/ Writing, Social Studies, Math, and Science

●      Homework folder with pockets

●      2-3 dividers for each binder

●      3 composition notebooks (1 each for Reading, English, & Social Studies)

●      4 composition notebooks (2 for each semester -Science and Math)

●      Pencils, Mechanical pencils & personal lead supply preferred

●      Ruler with centimeter measurement

●      Scissors

●      Large eraser or pencil top erasers

●      Glue stick

●      Head phones

●      Personal colored pencils with a personal hand held pencil sharpener

●      A bag or box to keep supplies so they can come to each core class

●      Loose leaf paper (We use lots of paper.)

●      Flash Drive for computer class and saving class work


BAND FEES: Varies            ART FEES: $10.00 PER Quarter art class /may vary by art subject. 6th grade Art Fee: $15.00


Assignment Books will be issued to students at no charge the beginning of the school year. If lost, students will have to pay $5.00 for replacement.


PE CLASS: PE shoes, T-Shirt & shorts or sweats*** 2 Padlocks:  one for PE Locker and one for Book Locker


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