Middle Supplies

4 years ago

By Onika Mayer

2018-2019  SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST 6th, 7th & 8th Grade


General Supplies: Lined Paper, Lead Pencils, Colored Pencils, Ruler, Highlighter, Pens (blue, black and red), Eraser, Scissors, 3X5 Ruled index cards, 3-Ring binder per class. Glue sticks.  All students must have their own set of headphones.  A flash drive and all students need a lock for their PE locker and a lock for their book locker.


7th and 8th Grade Science Supplies List –

●      Calculator (student’s name written on it)                                             

●      Colored pencils / markers                                                                      Pencils

●      Metric Ruler (millimeters and centimeters)                                           

●      Composition Book


Math: Lead Pencils, 12/pk Colored Pencils, Lined paper, and Calculator with Square Root Key, Composition Book


Social Studies/ History: 

●      Pocket Folder                                               Glue Sticks                        Index Cards

●      Markers                                                        Flash Drive

●      Composition Book                                        Pencils

●      Scissors                                                         Positive Attitude

English Composition:

7th grade English : 2 Composition Books (returning students may continue to use their journal from 6th grade) 1.5-inch 3-ring binder and 5 binder dividers.

8th grade English : 2 Composition Book (returning students may continue to use their journal from 7th grade, and many stored theirs in the classroom for the summer)  1.5-inch 3-ring binder and 5 binder dividers


School supplies for Middle School Students

●      4 - 1” binders, one each for Reading/ Writing, Social Studies, Math, and Science

●      Homework folder with pockets

●      2-3 dividers for each binder

●      3 composition notebooks (1 each for Reading, English, & Social Studies)

●      4 composition notebooks (2 for each semester -Science and Math)

●      Pencils, Mechanical pencils & personal lead supply preferred

●      Ruler with centimeter measurement

●      Scissors

●      Large eraser or pencil top erasers

●      Glue stick

●      Head phones

●      Personal colored pencils with a personal hand held pencil sharpener

●      A bag or box to keep supplies so they can come to each core class

●      Loose leaf paper (We use lots of paper.)

●      Flash Drive for computer class and saving class work


BAND FEES: Varies            ART FEES: $10.00 PER Quarter art class /may vary by art subject. 6th grade Art Fee: $15.00


Assignment Books will be issued to students at no charge the beginning of the school year. If lost, students will have to pay $5.00 for replacement.


PE CLASS: PE shoes, T-Shirt & shorts or sweats*** 2 Padlocks:  one for PE Locker and one for Book Locker


Elementary Supplies

4 years ago

By Onika Mayer


STUDENT SUPPLY LIST –2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR (Please label supplies with your child’s name)


KDG. SUPPLY LIST                     

  1. 8-10 regular pencils
  2. 1 eraser
  3. 1 large box of kleenex
  4. 1 blanket, large bath towel, for rest time cover up
  5. 1 box of crayons—box of 8 (more later in the year)
  6. 1 box of watercolors (Prang or Crayola)
  7. A snack to share: crackers, cereal, corn chips, granola bars, pretzels, goldfish, are all fine.  We share snacks and need to replenish usually once per month.
  8. A good pair of paper scissors—FisKar brand
  9. 6 LARGE sized glue sticks or 10 small – more later in the year.
  10. Some type of bag or backpack to carry papers, show and tell, and library books
  11. Pencil box (cigar style) to hold supplies
  12. 1 container clorox wipes
  13. Gym shoes (to be stored at school) for safety in P.E. class and indoor recess.  Velcro is ok.  High tops are generally difficult.  Please try to choose shoes your child can manage independently.        


1ST GRADE SUPPLY LIST                         

  1. 24-  #2  pencils - more when needed
  2. 1 eraser (green or pink rubber)
  3. 1 box of Crayons
  4. Scissors - please mark
  5. School box
  6. Backpack
  7. 1 box of tissues
  8. 1 box ziplock bags (quart size)
  9. 2 lg. Clorox/Lysol disinfectant wipes
  10. 4 LARGE sized glue sticks
  11. 1 folder with pockets to hold papers
  12. 2 black dry erase markers
  13. Gym shoes (to be stored at school) for safety in P.E. class and indoor recess
  14. Chapstick to keep in desk




  1. 2 large glue sticks
  2. 2 large erasers
  3. #2 pencils (48)
  4. Pointed scissors
  5. 1 Supply box (approx. 6”x 9”)
  6. Backpack or school bag to carry items to and from school
  7. 12” ruler - marked with both inches and centimeters
  8. 1 set of colored pencils
  9. 1 box of crayons
  10. 2 folders with pockets
  11. 1 pack of expo markers
  12. 1 3 ring binder (½” or 1”)
  13. 1 wooden or plastic clipboard
  14. 2 packs of plastic protector sleeves
  15. 1 box of kleenex
  16. Gym shoes
  17. Chapstick to keep in desk
  18. Water bottle
  19. Clorox wipes - 1 container
  20. 1 pack of “five star” reinforced wide-rule loose leaf paper



1.       5 dozen #2 pencils

2.       1 box of dry erase markers (to share)

3.       1 set of crayons or colored pencils

4.       1 box Kleenex

5.       1 package of “Five Star” reinforced, wide-ruled loose leaf  paper

6.       2 packages erasers or eraser pencil toppers

7.       1 pair scissors

8.       1 bottle of runny glue

9.       3 different colored folders labeled Writing, Reading, and Homework

10.    5 composition books labeled with student name as well as subjects: Reading Writing, Math, Morphology, and Social Studies/Science

11.    1  highlighter

12.    1 pen

13.    1 pencil box/bag to store markers, pencils, scissors, and other loose supplies

             14.  1 set fine or round tipped markers
           15. Gym shoes (to be stored at school) for safety in PE class and indoor recess



  1. 4 dry erase markers chisel tip assorted
  2. 25 Pencils
  3. Erasers
  4. Pencil sharpener
  5. Ruler
  6. Zipper bag or plastic supply container  (no larger than 6”x8”) to hold pencils, etc.
  7. Kleenex
  8. Highlighter(s)
  9. 3x3” Post-it-Notes (primary-everything tool for the entire year)
  10. Scissors (normal size – please do not send primary-size scissors)
  11. Colored pencils/Markers
  12. Bottle of Elmer’s Glue (liquid glue)  
  13. 100 index cards
  14. Headphones (to stay at school to be used w/ipads)
  15. Chapstick to keep in desk
  16. Gym shoes


4th Grade Only:

            1 folder for Take Home/HW

            1 roll masking tape (to be turned in to teacher

            2 Glue sticks  

            Loose leaf paper


5th Grade Only:

             7 Wide Ruled Spiral Notebook 70 ct. 3-hole punched Assorted Colors

             4 Wide Ruled Spiral Notebook 70 ct. 3-hole punched Assorted Colors 10.5” x 8”