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Community Survey

THE GOALS OF OUR DISTRICT: Goals for our district include performing academically in the top ten percent of districts in the state and to excel in meeting the needs of our students and parents.  To achieve these goals, we need and highly value your input.  Please respond to the survey attached  below and return the survey to or by returning a paper copy by mail (P.O. Box 158, Oak Creek, CO 80467), in person, or with your child.  We encourage you to discuss the survey questions with your child.  Thank you for your time in helping to provide all our students an education among the best in Colorado. Please rate our district/schools on each of the measures and choose at least three to respond to with written comments.  Your written comments are the most informative.


South Routt School District,

I want to communicate to all of our families the initiatives in place to ensure the safety of our students/staff. If you need further info/clarification on any of the points, let me know, I will make myself available on your schedule. Our number one priority is the safety of our students/staff and we strive to be informed by all possible trainings/information. We work on these concerns weekly, if not daily. Student/staff safety is on our minds continuously, not just when national events bring it to the forefront.The South Routt Board of Education under the leadership of Board President Jules Palyo have implemented each year:-an Emergency Operations Plan, revised each year; Superintendent and HS Principal (George Purnell) attended training this year-all doors are locked; visitors are 'buzzed' in/sign-in at front office; video camera support-updated parent/community emergency messaging system through phone/emails/text; practice run during fall semester-a building-specific Crisis Plan is developed/trained and revised each year; monthly 'fire drills', two annual 'lock down' drills for students/staff and quarterly 'table-top' drills for staff wherein they are given an emergency situation and asked to verbalize their response plan (Feb drill was already based on 'armed intruder')-board member Brett Mason (professional experience w/ organizational safety training) and School Resource Officer Steve Harbison conducted a professional development training for staff on emergency preparednessFor this year the board  has implemented an electronic visitor identification system (beginning this week all visitors to any of our schools will have their ID scanned which runs their identifying information through the national sex offender data base).Local Police Department Chief Ralph Maher:-placed a School Resource Officer in the middle/high school and gained permission to have him visit the elementary weekly (even though out of jurisdiction); Chief Maher is in the schools multiple times monthly (often eats lunch w/ staff/students)-facilitated/participated in Emergency Operations Plan discussions-provided emergency radio training for district administrators/directorsColorado State Police and Routt County Sheriff's Department have a continual presence (walk-thrus) in district schools.

Rim Watson


South Routt School District

Vision: “For all students to achieve their highest potential”

Mission: “To inspire every student to Think, Achieve, Learn, and Care” 

Beliefs: “We will be a welcoming educational community that values:   





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