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7 months ago

Lunch Program 2017-2018

The South Routt School District serves lunch every day.The cost for lunches are as follows:

Elementary Lunch $2.75

Middle School Lunch $3.25

High School Lunch $3.25

Adult Lunch $4.00

All lunches include one milk.

Extra Milk $ .45

Eligible children may receive lunch free or at a reduced price. Additionally, the District becomes eligible to receive State and Federal Funding based on the number of children using the Free and Reduced lunch program. We encourage all families to apply for the program to help bring more money to our schools, even if your kids usually pack their lunches. Free and Reduced lunch applications are available in each school office.

Our school lunch program is PREPAY, no charging. Lunches and milk need to be paid in advance. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to see that their child’s lunches and milk are kept paid. On our website is the Powerschool Guardian link where you can sign on and check your child’s lunch balance. If you do not have internet access, please call your building secretary.

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